About Alden Kindred of America

Our Mission

The purpose of membership as steward to the National Historic Landmark, the Alden House Historic Site is to preserve, educate and exhibit the history and heritage of Pilgrims John Alden and Priscilla Mullins Alden. To provide the educational and recreational experiences that “bring history to life” in the very place where American history began.

Membership is open to any person seeking to explore history as experienced by Pilgrims John Alden and Priscilla Mullins Alden and the history of the Alden House through nearly four centuries. Members interested in doing so, can trace and establish their personal lineages to the Alden archives. As the archive is digitized, it will provide a rare opportunity to interact with our distinct collections.

Our History

The increasing interest in colonial history and genealogy in the 1890s that lead to the establishment of the Mayflower Descendant societies also inspired the founding of the Alden Kindred. Miss A. Ella Alden of Middleboro conducted a correspondence campaign with as many Alden’s as she could identify, urging them to attend a family reunion on September 11, 1901. About 150 people were at that first gathering in Highland Park in Avon, Massachusetts, when the decision was made to create a permanent organization, the Alden Kindred of America. The second reunion in 1902 was at the Alden house in Duxbury at the invitation of the homes steward John Winsor Alden. In 1905, the Alden Kindred began a discussion about acquiring the property, which at that time consisted of about 2.7 acres, and in 1907 purchased the house.

In the decades since the Alden Kindred took ownership of the house, it has truly been a work in progress. Thanks to the hard work and dedication put forth by members of the Alden Kindred, we have conducted a great deal of research to better understand the Alden story, and continue to conduct the important work of preserving the home for future generations of Americans.For more information on the Alden Kindred of America click here.

Our Members

Since 1907 members of the Alden Kindred have represented a wide cross section of the American landscape, from history enthusiasts to Alden descendants. Membership is open to anyone interested in this iconic National Historic Landmark, The Alden House Historic Site. Visit our Member section to learn more.