Huge Thanksgiving Meal

Me, my parents, five brothers and about 10 of my relatives would go over to my grandparents house where my grandfather would spend the whole day cooking the largest turkey that money could buy, usually in excess of 25 pounds. It was considered quite manly to eat a lot so as a young boy I would eat a huge amount of turkey, for me being the whole leg from this massive bird, plus the usual fixings like mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, creamed onions, green beans, corn, gravy, topped off with a desert of a choice of apple, pumpkin or cherry pie with ice cream. Seconds of dessert was mandatory.

Terry Reiber, Alden Lifetime Member

Grandmother Nora Edson Bowman - Descendant of Joseph Alden

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Hi, this is a Thanksgiving story about my great Grandmother Nora Edson Bowman descendant of Joseph Alden! Sincerely, Jennifer Hovey Reiter

Story Submitted by Susan Hall McCannell

I fondly recall our family gatherings with my dad’s New England family. Always on the menu, besides the turkey and fixings, were turnips and creamed onions, which were favorites of his uncle. He was the brother to my dad’s mother, the matriarch of the New England family going back many generations. The gatherings of nearly 30 often occurred at our home. My great uncle relished the gatherings as it reminded him of his family of 10 brothers and sisters, his parents, and other family members who lived nearby the family farm in Southern Maine. To this day, I pass on the turnips but enjoy the creamed onions. I also enjoy watching the Detroit Lions, who always played on Thanksgiving Day, often back then in snow. I also recall that my great uncle always said the prayer of thanks. When he died, my father took over that family tradition with much grace and heartfelt thanks. Good memories of family times, good food, and a time of giving thanks.