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How to Use this CD - Genealogical Information

This is the Alden Family Database for Eight Generations, 2006 Edition.  The information on this CD was gathered from many sources, beginning with the records of the Alden Kindred of America, Inc., the family organization of Alden descendants.  Much additional data has been submitted by researchers, while other data has been gathered from library, field, and Internet sources (see "Notes and Citations" below).  This database is a work in progress.  Accuracy of the information contained in the database is not guaranteed.  Research is ongoing to authenticate sources and to update and correct errors.  Corrections and additions will be posted on our website and incorporated into future editions of the database.  NOTE: In 2003 an earlier version of this database was posted on the Alden Kindred website.  Thousands of additions and corrections were submitted by researchers. This information is being integrated into the database as time permits, but the 2006 version includes only a fraction of the revisions submitted.  If you submitted additions or corrections to the 2003 version of the database but they are not included in the 2006 version, please be patient as all revisions will eventually be incorporated into the master database.  An abbreviated version of the Eight Generation database is posted on our website at, but does not contain Notes, Citations, or the GEDCOM file.

The information on this CD covers only the first eight generations of descendants of John and Priscilla Alden. Information on generations later than the eighth does not appear on this CD on or the website for reasons of privacy. Individuals in the first eight generations will generally have been born prior to 1900.

The Alden Family Database for Eight Generations, 2003 Edition is intended to be used as a finding aid for information on Alden descendants.  You can access the information in several ways. Begin by reading the instructions "Working with the GEDCOM Database" and "Working with the HTML Files" to familiarize yourself with the two versions of information on this CD.

You can choose to trace your line beginning with John Alden and follow the links forward through each generation.  Or you can choose to locate an individual in any generation of your line (through the eighth) by using the Surname List to choose the surname of the individual you are looking for, and then the Name List to choose their first name, which will take you to their individual page.  Remember to be patient –the CD may be slow because of the large amount of information on the disk and/or your computer’s processor speed.

You can also use the Surname and Name lists if you want to find out if a person is an Alden descendant.  Once a name is found, the lineage back to John and Priscilla can be easily followed using the links.  Once a line has been determined, additional details on sources and citations may be obtained from the Alden Kindred Genealogist (see below) (a fee may apply for copies, printouts, and services).  See also “How can I join or learn more about the Alden Kindred?

Information on individuals in the database includes (when known) dates and places of birth, baptism, marriage, death, and burial.  Notes and Citations (footnotes) contain limited details about the sources for this information.  Eventually, our goal is to include full, accurate citations to all information in the database, but this will involve a great deal of time and effort.  In the meantime, we provide cross references to information in the Alden Kindred lineage files and other sources.

How do I submit data to the Alden Kin Search Project or correct an error?

As you go through the information,  you may have further information you can provide or you may find conflicts with the information you have. Go to  (you will need to be connected to the internet for this) and follow the instructions there. To help us maintain high standards of accuracy, we ask that you carefully enter and document your information. Information may be submitted electronically in standard GEDCOM format (email if a small file, diskette, or CD) or by regular mail. If you submit a GEDCOM file, please submit ONLY descendants of John and Priscilla - not your entire file.

If you have genealogical questions, want to find out more about your line of descent from John & Priscilla, or wish to submit additions or corrections, you can also e-mail our genealogist at or write to:

Alden Kindred Genealogist
P. O. Box 2754
Duxbury, MA  02331-2754

Following is the list of the types of documentation that are acceptable to prove lineages for membership in the Alden Kindred of America, Inc. This list is also sent to all applicants by the Genealogist.

Primary Records: made at the time of the event or by a reliable witness to the event:

Birth, marriage, and death certificates and records: Each certificate must be a "long form" showing all of the information in the original record ("short form" certificates that do not give the names of parents are not acceptable).

If you receive a certificate with "incorrect" information on it, do not alter the certificate. Attach any explanations for discrepancies in the records on a separate sheet of paper.

Photocopies from microfilm records must identify the source. Photocopies from published vital records must include identification of the book/books from which records are copied.

Family records: Bibles, letters, diaries, etc. Identify the author or original owner as well as the present owner and location of records. Make photocopies of all pertinent pages. If information cannot be photocopied, notarized typed transcriptions may be submitted.

Church and town records, gravestones, probates and deeds: Clearly identify the source of the record and submit a photocopy or typed transcription. Photographs of gravestones must be legible or accompanied by a typed transcription. Published transcriptions of records are acceptable (include identification of the book/books from which records are copied).

Federal and state census records: Copies from microfilm or CD-ROMs must be legible or accompanied by a typed transcription. Abstracts must identify microfilm roll, state, county, town, and page numbers.

Secondary Sources:

Works with references: Published genealogies and histories that provide references are preferred. Examples of these types of works include works published by the Mayflower Society -- The Mayflower Descendant, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Mayflower Families in Progress – and scholarly genealogical publications – The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, The American Genealogist, etc. Except for the above, a photocopy of the title page of each book must be included.

Works without references: Any published work that does not give the sources for its statements must be supported by at least one primary document per generation confirming the line. A photocopy of the title page of each book must be included.

Internet sources: Photocopies or printouts from the Internet are secondary and must include identification of the source. Pedigrees and unsupported material posted on the Internet are not acceptable.

Circumstantial Evidence may be considered only when the applicant demonstrates that all reasonable attempts to locate primary evidence have been exhausted.


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