Alden Kin Search Project - 8 Generations

Descendants of John ALDEN and Priscilla Mullins

Table of Contents

Surname List This is a list of all last names that are in the master GEDCOM database. Clicking on a name in this file will take you to the Name Index. This may take a several minutes depending on your system configuration.
Name Index The first part of the file will be displayed while searching for the name requested. Please be patient. This file contains a listing for all members of a family with the same surname. Clicking on a name in this file will take you to the Descendants File.
Descendants File This is actually several hundred files and provides all of the Alden genealogical information for 8 generations, including Notes and Citations.
Caveats This information details the limitations of using these files for such things as proving lineage to the Alden Kin.

All of the Descendants File pages will return you to this page as the Home Page. Use your Back button on your browser to return to the Descendants File page after accessing any Notes or Citations pages.

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